Hi, my name is Rowena and I live in Sydney with my husband and 3 sons.  I work in various Change & Digital Learning consulting roles, but I also spend as much time as possible playing with clay!  Somehow, I make these different worlds collide, in a rather clumsy way, but that’s ok, cause I am having fun.

I love art, craft, anything handmade and recycled/upcycled etc.

Please feel free to post comments on my blog.

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    • Hi
      Thanks for stopping by and posting your question.
      I have sold one of my cake stands before at $120 (and given the others away as presents to friends/family). I tend to focus on pottery as a hobby and earn my income through my ‘day job’. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to turn it into a business!

  1. Just when I think you couldn’t think of anything else to potter around with and create, you prove me wrong! Love the tags and the spoons.

  2. Hi Rowena,
    love your blog and your lifestyle! Am quite jealous! I stumbled upon you by typing “doing pottery in the shed” in google! I would love to have a shed and make pottery one day. Do you think I need to do lots of courses to learn how to make things or can I learn as I go along? I think it’s just working a kiln that I’d need to learn about most. I’m not really into the idea of throwing pots, just making hand made stuff. I’m in Bristol, UK by the way.

    • Hi Cath

      Thank you for your lovely comments! wow, all the way from the UK!
      Hey, if you are happy to make handbuilt pottery (as apposed to on the wheel) then you can make pots on your kitchen table. I do this a lot of the time. We have quite a big kitchen table so I use one end of the table and try to keep my mess to one end. Sometimes I’ll work on a piece over a few days or weeks so I spend 30 minutes building a coil pot and then wrap it up in plastic unfinished until I can come back to it to carry on with the build until its finished. This also allows me to keep an eye on the kids etc. So a shed is not imperitive. You might have some spare space somewhere else in the house. If you can go to some classes just to learn some of the basics that would be good, however as you know, you can also learn heaps from the Internet. Regarding a kiln… I don’t have my own kiln. I use the local ceramics business to do all of my firing. I also buy all of my clay and glazes from them as well. I think you should just go for it. Buy some clay and basic tools from your local ceramics/pottery shop and have a go!!! I would love to hear how you go Cath.

  3. I’m over the moon that I’ve found another creative juggler! – I squash my making time in around my day job, family, friends too… but I don’t have children and I am frankly in awe of people who organise their lives so well! 🙂

  4. Aloha Rowena, So glad you liked “My Way with Clay” on Paper, Mud and Me. It is always good to find another potter from whom I can get ideas and so I will be following you. I particularly liked you post on visiting the Lue Pottery.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I really like your blog and your work. I regard you as a real artist, the real deal, a professional potter and sculptor. I am just a confused, weirdo having a bit of fun playing with clay. It is a real honour to hear from you.

  5. Hi Rowena, thanks for the like on my pottery post. Just took a lot around your blog and think it’s wonderul! So colourful & full of fun.

  6. It’s so weird, I was browsing someone else’s blog and my eyes jumped across to see your photo next to the text. I’m like “hey, is that…”, and sure enough it was you. Turns out they follow your blog. Small world. Hope things are going well for you guys – say hi to Brian for me and tell him I’m sorry for suddenly “disappearing” back in 2010.

    • Hi Adam, great to hear from you. I told Brian that you found me via blogland and passed on your message. Brian said he was wondering when you would turn up!!! Funny! Hey, your blog is fascinating. I was amazed with your latest story and photos in Vietnam. Look forward to seeing more.

  7. Hey Rowena

    I really like all of your amazing creations, and was wondering if you’d be interested in doing a bit of a commission?
    I’m looking for an interesting christmas present for my cousin and was wondering if you’d be willing to make something for me. All of your work is so unique! Please send me an email if you’re interested

  8. Greetings! Beautiful work and website. Thank you for creating and sharing information. I’m interested in taking clay impressions of trees and other artifacts. Can you share what type of clay you use for tree bark and leaves? Many thanks!

    • Thank you very much for visiting and your question. I use a variety of clays. They can all be used for tree bark and leave impressions. The thinner the texture of the leaf or bark then you would use a more refined clay with less grogg. If you are using impressions that have a high indentation of texture then you can use anything. One of my favourite clays is BRT which has a lot of grogg in it so it is very course and would work better with highly textured items. A more refined clay like a porcelain clay is good for very refined work. I don’t have a very light hand so I tend to use BRT which is very forgiving clay.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my site and liking my last post. I fully understand the concept of clumsily colliding worlds! Nice work on yours. I know I’ll be back. 😉

  10. Hi Row,

    I’m a relative newbie to pottery and I am totally addicted!!!! I love your blog and I think we must have been related in a previous life … I just go nuts for trying different things with clay. My current ‘thing’ is weaving the clay into baskets … I’d send you a pic if I could … and I’ve just picked up some samples of wall paper so I can texturize my creations! I look forward to reading more about your adventures in … anything!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Mandy
      So lovely to read your comments. It is great to find like minded crazy bods. Using textured wall paper is a great idea for impressions on clay especially if you get find the vintage patterns. Do you have an online space somwhere to share your projects? I hope so.

  11. Hey, I really like the building photograph with the magic pen effect. I wanted to know if you took it or not because I am about to use it for a project and I would like to give credit to whoever took the picture.

    • Hi Armon, sorry for such a late reply I have been really slack on checking for comments. Yes, I took that photograph using my Samsung mobile and applied the magic pen effect. thanks. Rowena

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