Row’s India Journal

Visiting Pottery Town in Bangalore

Visiting Pottery Town in Bangalore

For my day job as a Learning & Development Consultant I have been sent to Bangalore in India for 5 weeks to train a new team of 16 employees.

Any spare time that I have I’ll be learning what I can about this wonderful country.

To record my days in India I have set up a new blog called Row’s India Journal.

I’ve created Rows India Journal blog as a way to keep my family ‘in the loop’ while I’m away, but happy if you want to come and visit as well.



4 thoughts on “Row’s India Journal

    • Hi
      Actually, no I didn’t! I got sidetracked with the day job and then wanting to see whatever I could when not working. But that’s a good idea. Hey I’m so glad I found your blog. Your ceramics is amazing. See you around and thanks for visiting.

  1. Hi Rowena
    I may be travelling to Bangalore next year. I work with polymer clay and wondered whether in your travels around Bangalore you saw any craft time places that make metal cutters or stamps or even beads? Regards

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