4Ps and a Puddin

If you have followed my blog at all you would of come across the original art creations that I share from time to time by my mum (Helen) and my sisters Louise and Simone. The four of us have decided to come together and create a little oasis where we can share more broadly our creative endeavours. So I am pleased to introduce you to 4Ps and a Puddin. We came up with this name when the 4 of us were sitting at the train station in Young (country NSW)! You never know when those creative juices are going kick in!

Helen, Louise, Simone and Rowena
4Ps and a Puddin

The 4P’s are…Pottery, Paint, Paper and Printmaking…which is a summary of our passions. The ‘Puddin’ is just because we love our food, especially with lots of sugar and fat.



5 thoughts on “4Ps and a Puddin

  1. Love this blog. Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to learn pottery and promised myself that when I retired, I was going to learn. My wish came true this year and I started a class at my local art center on basic handbuilding on April 1. I look forward to following
    your blog!

    • Thanks. Yes, great to find your blog to. Hope you enjoy your new adventures with clay. Don’t forget to capture your journey in your blog. I wish I could do a course, maybe when I retire to!

  2. I envy you your family. My mom moved to heaven eight years ago, and my kids have moved to all four corners of the US. We used to get together and have fun creating stuff on a regular basis. How I miss those days!

    Be blessed!

      • God has graciously given me more sisters than I have time for! Sometimes the longing for what’s past still overtakes me though.

        My mum’s middle name is Rowene, by the way. 😉

        Thanks for the little walk down memory lane I enjoyed after reading this article!

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