My latest handmade slab pot!

Here is my latest handmade slab pot. I can’t even say what glazes I used. Think I was half asleep and just grabbed a whole lot left over glazes and mixed them altogether. It is stoneware fired.

Handmade pot by Rowena Maxwell

3 thoughts on “My latest handmade slab pot!

      • Thank you re: poetry marathons, it keeps me on track when otherwise I fear I’d be saying, once again…I MEANT to get to it, but…! As for your bowl, I was interested so much in the shape, it being slab built. Any clay I made is also handbuilt so I feel a kinship with your work from that standpoint, never mind how I also think it is so attractive! This bowl just had a nice personality to it, I thought. Glad you showed it!

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