West Germany Vintage Pot

I picked up the vintage pot below from an Op shop recently for $15 in country NSW. I love these vintage German pots as the colours, shape and textures go well in my quirky city cottage in Sydney! When I do come across these pots in Sydney stores and markets they are normally very expensive, so I assume this is quite a good deal. Can anyone provide more information on this type of pot? The bottom of the pot displays ‘W-Germany 93 40’. The pot is 42 centimeters tall, so it is quite large.

West German vintage pot

West German vintage pot


2 thoughts on “West Germany Vintage Pot

    • Hi Lisa. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah I thought some ceramicists might enjoy seeing this. I love the colours and textures. Hey I enjoyed reading your post about being dragged into the social media world. I actually dont get much traffic via Facebook. Most of my traffic comes via Pinterest.I have been thinking of closing down my Facebook page. I hate going there but everyone says you have to have this but I dont care…..

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