New Eathernware Fired Pots!

My latest pots were made by following the steps below.

  1. Rolling out a slab of clay and laying over another bowl placed upside down for shaping purposes.
  2. Place lace doilies over the clay and roll over the clay with a rolling pin to create the texture.
  3. Fired to Eathernware.
  4. Glaze is Rose Wine AR 106 from Ceramichrome (no longer available to purchase as it contains led apparently). On the inside of the pots I used a clear glaze.
Slab bowl

Slab bowl

Pressing doily into clay

Pressing doily into clay



3 thoughts on “New Eathernware Fired Pots!

    • Hi. Thanks for visiting. Any glaze that contains led should not be used on inside of pots if you want to use the pot for food etc. On the outside shoukd be ok. However to be on the safe side I do not use this pot for food.

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