How to get a new kitchen for $4,000!

You can get a new kitchen for $4,000.00 by following the tips below:

  1. Get over any phobia you may have about Ikea and investigate their offerings. I downloaded their planner from their website and was able to design and cost out the best plan for our space. To be honest, I have always done everything possible to avoid Ikea, but when it came to finding a new kitchen on a really tight budget I couldn’t find anything better. Yes, I looked at Bunnings etc but didn’t like any of the colours etc.
  2. Ensure you have a marriage counsellor lined up after visiting the Ikea kitchen area with your partner!
  3. Up-cycle any interesting pieces you may already have into your design. When we bought our small cottage 6 years ago the rustic workbench was left in the garage. I’ve always loved this piece and thought it was perfect for a kitchen island. We didn’t have the budget to purchase a new stone worktop for the island so we bought 3 large tiles and just placed them on top of the workbench.
  4. Use open shelves instead of more cabinets on the walls. Not only is it more cost effective, it is visually more interesting and quicker to access items.
  5. Apply some interesting lighting.
  6. For the flooring we used vinyl planks. Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound very exciting, but when ‘budget’ and ‘durability’ are your top requirements I couldn’t go better then this. To be honest I’m quite happy with how they look as well.

These photos were taken by my brother Dale. Thanks Daleoooo!

I would love to hear if anyone likes the kitchen as much as I do…or if you have your own kitchen reno story to tell.

Ikea Kitchen Ramsjo Black Brown

Ikea Kitchen Ramsjo Black Brown

Budget kitchen for $4000

Budget kitchen for $4000

Old workbench as kitchen island

Old workbench as kitchen island


17 thoughts on “How to get a new kitchen for $4,000!

    • Hi Rowie

      What an achievement. I love the island. So practical and interesting to look at too.

      The lights are great and make the space feel so airy.

      Like you, I enjoy looking at things and am now sold on the open shelving (I was tossing up about it) for my kitchen reno.

      Ikea is getting up there in the kitchen stakes. Let’s face it, a kitchen is just boxes with doors (or open shelves), so why pay more.

      Keep up the inspiration.


  1. I love your kitchen!!!! I have been battling the idea of getting rid of cabinets because I just store so much stuff I never use. I want to simplify now that my kids are grown and gone no reason to have a ton of kitchen stuff I never use. You have given me so many ideas!!! And hopefully the courage to go thru with it. Thank you. Enjoy your kitchen it looks beautiful!!!! Janet

    • Ji Janet. Lovely to hear from you. Hope you are well. Im glad this post has provided some inspiration for you. A good declutter is always an uplifting experience I find. Let us know what you end up doing.

    • Yes I am very lucky. We have just added this room to the back of our cottage. Its been a long time coming and it is finally here. For the first time my family can sit around a table for a meal together. Previously there was no space. So now i feel like I feel like I can also have people over cause we have the space. Now just have to work until I’m 70 to pay off the mortgage!

  2. wonderful , love how you upscale, using the old workbench is a great idea and look . and who knows , a vice may be handy in the kitchen. what a great space !

    • Hi John. Exactly, the vice will be very handy. We were just using it recently to push these clip buttons together on my husbands shirt! Could also use to threaten kids with if they are naughty.

  3. I was looking for a way to upcycle my grandfather’s workbench and this is very inspiring. Also, you’ve made me reconsider my opinion on closed cabinets as your shelves make the kitchen feel very balanced. I’d just have to get rid of half my kitchenware but that’s a small sacrifice for the huge amount of space we’d gain on top of a beautiful wall. Thanks a lot for sharing, I love it!

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