Erana’s new Pop-up Op Shop, Dee Why, Sydney

Erana’s a family friend of mine who has recently opened her new Suite 7 shop in Dee Why, Sydney. It was wonderful to stop by and see her vintage/retro items and clothes. She is super creative, resourceful, eclectic and unpredictable, so this is just the kind of shop I like. Actually, come to think of it… these are the only types of shops I like. I would rather eat broken glass then walk around your large scale predictable shopping malls. They just suck up  valuable space that pump out replica zombies with no soul! I hate them so much I’m starting to sweat just talking about them….anyway, back to Erana’s shop my husband and I sat in her shops gorgeous tea room with furniture that Erana had restored, vintage tablecloths and china wear where nothing matches (just how I like it), sipping apple tea with home made lemon slice reading a plethora of interesting magazines. My mother & sister-in-law, who were serving in the tea room that day, looked ever so cute in their handmade  and vintage aprons, serving the customers their orders on hand painted trays. My husband bought a Mercedes vintage car hub cap that we will put on the wall at home. So even my husband thought the shop was pretty cool.







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