2 Rustic Green Handmade Bowls

I’m falling more in love with stoneware firing! These handmade slab bowls are made with BRT clay and Mayco Medium Green FN-020 glaze. The green glaze is on the outside and I’ve used clear glaze for the inside. The size of the bowls are about 22cm wide x 10cm high.

The steps for making these bowls include the following:

  1. Clear one end of your kitchen table and put down some newspaper (or something to protect your table from working with clay) – See… you don’t need an art studio to be creative! A little corner of your kitchen is fine. My kitchen is smaller then a dog’s kennel, so don’t complain you have no room to be creative!
  2. Get another bowl from your kitchen to use as your basic ‘mould’.
  3. Place your mould upside down and put some plastic over it to stop the clay from sticking to the mould.
  4. Roll out your clay into a slab and lay it over your mould. You will probably need to cut out some pieces of clay so that the slab can be pressed against the mould. You might also have some gaps where this no clay. That’s cool, just use some of the pieces you cut out and add using a little water to help the clay pieces join and then smooth over. Or roll out some more clay pieces and add.
  5. Let it firm up for a little while…think I left it for about 1 hour.
  6. Turn the mould and clay over and take the mould out. Now smooth over any of those cracks from where you joined the clay on the inside.
  7. Let dry > first firing > apply glaze > second firing. All done! Easy.

If you have a go at this I would love to see your creations.

Handmade bowl by Rowena

Handmade bowl by Rowena

Slab bowls by Rowena

Slab bowls by Rowena



6 thoughts on “2 Rustic Green Handmade Bowls

  1. When you dry do you cover the edges of the bowl to keep them from drying first and cracking. That is my typical problem with slab bowls. Thanks for sharing in your blog.

    Rachel S Smith Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Rachel. Thanks for visiting. Yes, I do sometimes wet the rims of the clay with water, especially with it being so hot here at the moment. The clay dries so quickly, so I have to work quickly or use water and plastic.

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