Latest wheel thrown bowls now glazed!

My latest wheel thrown pots are now glazed. I’m still hooked on the combination of BRT clay with a simple white glaze. The specks from the clay come through the glaze when fired to stoneware.

These photographs were taken by my photographer brother Dale at our family Christmas holiday. I love these photos because they also show the essence of all the family hanging out together in mum/dads wonderful garden in the background…all lounging around in the beautiful Australian sunshine sharing all sorts of terrible jokes and creative ‘brain-waves’. Being part of such a creative and weirdly eccentric family is never boring I must say! Also, the bench that you can see in these photos was made by dad. He made a lovely table and bench set and then painted them a blue/grey colour.

If you want to check out some of Dales photography, go here:

wheel thrown bowl by Rowena

Wheel thrown bowl by Rowena. Photo taken by Dale Harper.

Base of wheel thrown pot by Rowena. Photo taken by Dale Harper.

Base of wheel thrown pot by Rowena. Photo taken by Dale Harper.


11 thoughts on “Latest wheel thrown bowls now glazed!

  1. Hi Row, doesn’t it hurt your hands throwing with this? I haven’t used it but the feeney raku I use looks similar but I couldn’t throw with it my hands would be cut to bits!

    • Hi, Yes, throwing with BRT clay the way I did it really caused problems with my skin. I posted about this experience on Nov 21 and a few experienced potters provided some tips on how to throw this clay without hurting so much. You can look in the comments section of that post for their tips. So I will not be throwing with this clay again unless I follow their tips!!!

  2. Amazing! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Have you used Rod’s Bod clay body before? It has Iron flecks that pop through some glazes, but not as beautiful as this!

    • Hi, thanks for visiting…no I haven’t used Rods Bod clay. I love BRT clay cause I do mainly hand built work rather then on the wheel. It has lots of grit in it so it ripped off some skin when I made these on the wheel! Ouch! But anyway I’m happy with the result. Hey, your About page put a smile on my face, made me laugh, And love your creations…free flowing with some passion thrown in.
      See you around

  3. I also love this look of speckles in the clay showing thru the glaze. Nice throwing! I don’t think I’ve seen BRT in our art stores. Right now I’m using a lot of LB Blend, which seems to be a good all purpose clay with plenty of character as far as speckles. Have also used Rod’s Bod and Soldate 60. Will look for BRT!

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