Throwing pots using BRT clay!

I’ve been thinking for some time now about throwing some pots with BRT clay. I knew that it could prove difficult given there is so much grogg in the clay…and I was right. After throwing 5 bowls with this clay the skin on my hands had been kindly exfoliated, or should I say harshly grinded down beyond the epidermis layer down to the dermis layer – something ‘dermis’ related anyway! Now that I have raw patches of skin on my hands I can’t do any clay work until they heal! I’ll turn the bottoms of bowls once they are leather hard.

Wheel thrown bowls using BRT clay

Wheel thrown bowls using BRT clay


11 thoughts on “Throwing pots using BRT clay!

  1. When I’m throwing with more groggy clay I use a wet sponge in each hand rather than my fingers or hands coming directly in contact with the clay wherever possible. When the piece is all but finished I go over with a flexible rib to smooth the surfaces. Doesn’t completely save your hands, but certainly helps.

  2. Yes, some clays really do abrade! Our first wheel class, I must have pressed down on the wheel because I wore myself down to bleeding on the outer edge of my hand! I stopped doing that quick. I started to learn how to use flexible shaping tools more, and/or just must have built up thicker skin, because the problem did go away in time. Class is over now, won’t start again til Jan, so I’ll have all new thin tender skin by then!

    • Oh that’s interesting and sounds painful the bleeding part. I wanted to make some bowls like yours that have a fleck come through from the clay and through the glaze. I really like that effect. might make them via slabs and coils next time while I look for those flexible shaping tools!

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