Another Pot for Fundraiser

Here is my latest slab pot which I’ll add to my fundraiser stock for Angels Orphanage in India. I haven’t shared any photos or information on the orphanage I visited in India last year, as it made a huge impression on my life and my values etc. It has taken some time to process what I saw and experienced…not really sure how to articulate it. But for now my husband and I love to send over a small amount every 2 months to the orphanage. The Australian dollar goes a long way in India. I didn’t believe how far the Aussie dollar can go until I went there and saw for myself.

Large handmade bowl

Large Slab Pot

Below are a few photos from my visit at Angels Orphanage

Angels Orphanage in Bangalore India

Angels Orphanage in Bangalore India

Outside kitchen - Angels Orphanage - India

Outside kitchen – Angels Orphanage – India

I loved hanging out with the girls!

Angels_Orphanage1 Angels_Orphanage2 Angels_Orphanage3


3 thoughts on “Another Pot for Fundraiser

    • Thanks Pete. yes, it was a really amazing time meeting the kids but a real shock seeing the standard of living. They had no beds, sleeping on the floor etc and this is in Bangalore India’s most advanced city apparently with the most advanced insfrustructure. It’s called India’s ‘Silicon Valley’ because of all the IT companies there. I’m hoping to get back there again to visit the kids. While I’m there I’ll also go visit Pottery Town again to!
      Hey, I always enjoy your blog! Full of great ceramics, photos and stories!

      • Thank you! Pretty quiet on the blog front as the studio is moth-balled, but I always read posts from favourite people (like yourself) on the ‘Following’ list, with particular interest in the more far-flung ones, even if I rarely make a response.

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