Found my Pottery Mojo yesterday!

My ‘Pottery Mojo’ came back yesterday! It went missing due to fulltime work and associated travel… another visit to the school counsellor for my son etc. But is that really just an excuse for not pushing through the ‘week-end blues’….clouded by thoughts of…”I’m so tired…I’m so uninspired… just work, work, work”. Come on, am I the only one that has these thoughts? I haven’t felt like doing any pottery for such a long time now because of all these depressing thoughts, but I forced myself to at least touch some wet clay on my kitchen table yesterday. I’m so glad I did, because 5 minutes later I felt my old Pottery Mojo kick in. I was quite surprised actually. I didn’t expect it to kick in at all. The trick is in using one end of the kitchen table so that you can still look after the kids, put the washing on and cook some rice all at the same time. Forget the romantic idea of having a private art studio in the backyard where you can escape to another world. No more excuses! What do you do to break through your creative wasteland while juggling 100 things pulling you in different directions?

Coil pots and handmade plates

Coil pots and handmade plates



11 thoughts on “Found my Pottery Mojo yesterday!

  1. It is always a welcome blessing to return to the earth and to see what the Lord brings forth. In your case instruments to share in the breaking of bread and wine, the means for one another to gather and fellowship.

  2. I know how you feel, about being uninspired. Our pottery group, here in Osoyoos, BC Canada, had a 2 day workshop put on by a fabulous potter, Gale Woodhouse. The comments around the room were “this is what I needed to get inspired again”. So I’m going out into my studio today to kick butt!.

  3. Yes!!!!! I had a great day at the pottery studio yesterday, first in a while tho I’ve kept plugging along in class. Feels so good!

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