New Slipcast Boot

Due to being very time poor these days with little time for creative pursuits, I bought a slipcast pot (boot) from my local ceramics studio to glaze and fire. The glaze I used is Mayco EL130 Sea Green. I quite like this glaze as there is an undercurrent of brown that helps to show the details of the boot in contrast to the green. Now I have to decide whether to use it as a pot in the garden or maybe in my studio to hold all of my paint brushes. I use to think that making pots using molds was ‘cheating’. But I can feel a mold fettish coming on!!!

Slilpcast Boot

Slilpcast Boot


2 thoughts on “New Slipcast Boot

  1. That’s a nice boot and yeah another great Mayco glaze. One of my favorites is EL 123 (Patina), but seeing how wonderful Sea Green turns out, I will purchase this one too.
    Making pots and using molds… can’t you alter bit afterwards, or is that to difficult?
    I’ve seen people alter thrown pots, which I found really neat.
    Keep us posted and show us some of your tricks.
    Haven’t made a mold yet. But my teacher is helping me to make one on the small portrait.
    Hope you’ll find the time soon to do some more clay play. Best wishes.

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