Pottery from Japan

My Christmas present this year from my family was this set of small pots (from Japan). My husband knows that I love collecting small handmade pottery items that use different glazes. I’m pretty excited with these. Each night when I have my chocolate fix, my ritual is to break up a slab of dark chocolate into small squares, then place them ever so delicately into a chosen handmade bowl and then snuggle up in bed with my laptop and bowl of chocolate. Deciding on which bowl to use is just as exciting as eating the chocolate! I’m sure the chocolate tastes better when it comes from a precious handmade bowl like these. However, I can’t work out who made these pots. Can anyone read the Japanese writing in the image below?


Lid from the box that the pots came in

Lid from the box that the pots came in



20 thoughts on “Pottery from Japan

    • Hi Paul, thanks for visiting. Yes, these pots are some of my favourites.
      Hey, your iphoneography blog is fantastic. I didn’t realise there was this whole world of iphoneography when I bought my Samsung Galaxy S4. So now on a steep learning curve which is lots of fun.

    • No, I don’t know. On the lid there is some Japanese writing for each pot. I wonder if this might be some information about the glaze. I like them all, but I think my favourite is the blue with the black through it.

  1. Same here!! I have to take the time to look at your blog properly! Seems to be full of things I like ❤❤❤
    À bientôt!

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