Visit to Greygoose Studio!

Now that I am back from Bangalore I’ve slotted right back into Sydney life. I managed to catch up with my mum and sister Louise for afternoon tea in Richmond, west of Sydney. You have a fresh appreciation of your family when you have been on the other side of the world. I need to stop taking my family for granted (note to self). Louise took me to a beautiful new store that a friend of hers had just opened. Greygoose Studio was such a feast for the eyes and soul! Sue (Louise’s friend), in partnership with Hayley, was happy for me to snap away and share their new adventure on my blog. I’ve seen a lot of Sue’s work over the years and have always admired her skills and creative abilities. The address is Shop 5, Magnolia Mall, Windsor St, Richmond, Sydney. I bought the orange chairs and table below which now sit happily on my front veranda.


3 thoughts on “Visit to Greygoose Studio!

    • Hi there, lovely to meet you and come across your blog. I know nothing about fashion so it looks like I can come to your blog for some ideas. That’s pretty cool that you are from Bangalore! I absolutely loved every minute of my 5 weeks working there recently. Hoping work will send me back there in 2014.

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