White Girl In Sari!

For my last day of work in Bangalore I had to wear a sari. The girls fussed over us helping us get dressed in our sari’s first thing in the morning. I’m really going to miss them all. They are the most energetic, friendly, colourful and fun people to work with.

If you ever get an opportunity to work in Bangalore, I highly recommend it. If you want to see more of Bangalore and what it’s like to work there, go to my other blog Row’s India Journal.



4 thoughts on “White Girl In Sari!

  1. Marvellous. Looking GOOOD. Did you like wearing one? They are so elegant.
    Wearing one gives this special feel…
    I have 3 saris as well. It’s been a while I had one on though.

    • Thanks. Yes, it was actually quite comfortable. It took me a while to walk properly though as I kept thinking I was going to trip over, so I walked like Hitler kicking my legs out initially! So you have 3 sari’s, wow. I bet you walk more elegantly in one than me.

  2. I was just thinking I hadn’t heard from you for a while so I had a look at your blogs. None of your recent India posts have come up in my Reader even though I’m following you. Very odd. Anyway I’ve not been avoiding you.

    • Hi there, that’s cool. I haven’t been that active lately in blogland as day job just taking up so many hours of each day. I so miss pottery….playing with clay….but I can’t complain, cause the opp to go to Bangalore was too good to refuse. You would of loved Pottery Town….

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