Visiting a Beautiful Australian Country Home

While visiting my mum recently in country NSW Australia, I met one of her neighbours who kindly showed us around her amazing home. She allowed me to snap away on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone camera.

I absolutely love this home…so inspiring…

We also had a look at one of mum’s paintings in this amazing home. Mum of course started analysing her painting, pondering her previous brush stokes.



6 thoughts on “Visiting a Beautiful Australian Country Home

  1. What a beautiful collection of photographs. Just love your phone!! I’ve seen that pose of mum’s a few thousand times in my life. It’s as familiar as my own hand.

  2. Love the photos……….. very small but interesting point [to me at least] the sidelights next to the front door have been installed the wrong way around. Maybe they had to be removed for repair at some stage because I find it hard to believe that the original craftsmen would have installed them incorrectly. Like I said a small detail……. nice glass work BTW, and a well maintained house. Good job.

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