How to Sell Your Art the Easy Way!

My niece Holly (18rs old), has recently introduced me to her new Society6 online shop. This is very different to other online shop services like ‘Etsy’, ‘I Made It’ etc. If you haven’t heard of Society6 before, it works with you simply posting your artwork on to your own Society6 online shop, however Society6 then produce and ship your products to the customer!*^%$)*# Hey, all you artists out there, did you hear what I just said? Hello frustrated artists…you can just focus on what you do best i.e. create art, but then outsource the conversion of your art into canvas, stationary, iPod cases etc (see the list below) and they do all the postage.

Holly set up her own shop within a day and has been selling away for a few months now. Holly loves to draw and paint original artworks, so this is the perfect way to sell her art, but leave the production/postage worries to someone else. The photos below is a set of stationary that I bought directly from Holly’s online shop. My sister Simone bought the same artwork produced onto an iPhone case. What a great idea. I love my cards Holly! Isn’t Holly super talented and gorgeous!!!


12 thoughts on “How to Sell Your Art the Easy Way!

  1. This is awesome, I will have to let my friend know about this. Thank you for sharing and yes your niece is very talented and a beautiful young lady, talent runs deep in your family.

      • I am defo proud of her – an amazing talent … I remember visiting her at her home with some coloring-in as her “pastor” & lots of time spent in prayer … But her skills might have slightly more to do with you & her parents & God etc than me though … She probably doesn’t even remember me! Lol

  2. I love my phone cover and feel very proud of its origins whenever anyone notices it (which is often) so keep it up Holly, it’s been so exciting seeing you evolve and good on you Row for documenting not only Holly’s talent but what is also a fantastic option for artists and designers of all styles and genres.

    • oh, thank you, that’s great to get your lovely feedback. One thing is for sure my family are quietly weird but wonderful. I think every family has their unique talents.
      Hey, thanks for the blogger nomination, but I’m on the road for my day job at the moment delivering lots of training sessions to staff around Australia so have little time for blogging. As we speak, I’m sitting here in the classroom having said my ‘good-bye’ to one group now waiting for the next group to come in. I’m being a bit naughtly logging on to WordPress aren’t I in work time!!!! Naughty! Anyway, see you around.

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