Snooping Around Simone’s Art Studio

My day job has taken me to Brisbane this week, so I was really excited to visit my sister Simone from CharcoalBlue and her lovely husband and 3 boys (under the age of 6). Simone leads a very intriguing life (although she may not think so). She has just returned to Brisbane from living in Emerald for 2 years (central Queensland), as her husband works in mining. She has some unusual, hilarious and quirky stories to tell about living in outback Australia. BUT…later in September Simone and her family will be moving to Peru as her husband has a new job in mining there. She told me that she was not interested in going to Peru until her husband said that they will have a maid, baby sitter and driver, to which she instantly replied ‘ok, where do I sign?’

It was so much fun catching up with her and checking out her art studio. Not sure which was the best…snooping around her art studio…playing around in the ‘back-end’ of our blogs…going out to a Turkish restaurant…or trying to get my head around her art assignments that she is doing for her online Art degree. You know, I consider myself quite a ‘deep’, introspective creative soul, however I aint got a thing on Simone!!! I’m about as deep as a teacup compared to her. Once again I am forever grateful for having such highly entertaining siblings! They add so much colour to the world!

‘Art is a not a thing; it is a way’. (Elbert Hubbard)

‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time’. (Thomas Merton)


12 thoughts on “Snooping Around Simone’s Art Studio

  1. Lovely photos Row. Tell Simone that Peru is a wonderful and very beautiful country. Yes, you need to be careful, but where don’t you these days. I spent a month there, a long time ago, but just remember very kind people and amazing places to visit: Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines…

    • Hi, cool. I will pass that on. She will also be reading these comments to. Good to hear of your experiences in Peru. I am a bit worried about Simone and her family, however they will be part of a strong Expat community which is good. I am wondering how this experience will affect her art. I keep telling her that she will need to blog regularly with lots of photos and stories.
      See you around.

  2. Although this is such a nice post and I certainly enjoyed reading about myself I can’t stop thinking about that shocking photo of me, but onto more important things – I will be thinking of your deepness every time I sip tea from a teacup Rowena.
    I really like those quotes by the way. I couldn’t agree more with Elbert and Thomas.

  3. Wow! Your sister is such a talent! I love working in pastels, but haven’t done so in a long time, Seeing this beautiful art is making me want to dust off my pastel case. I am sure the natural beauty and people of Peru will be a wonderful inspiration! Safe travels to your sister! (I am going to check out her blog too : ).

    • oh you are very nice. Not necessarily a talented family, just happy to give anything a go and have a laugh along the way!
      Simone would love to hear from you on her blog. But you have been warned….keep an open mind!

  4. Row, this is such a funny coincidence to me. One of my closest friends lives in Brisbane, and she and her husband recently went on a month-long holiday to Peru!! She had nothing but positive things to say. It could be an initial altitude adjustment for Simone (if she visits Machu Picchu, or mountainous areas) – but what a fabulous opportunity!! Thanks for sharing her story (and her artwork) w us! 🙂

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