Nominated for Super Sweet Blogging Award!

DEVEREUX ET FILS has surprised me with a nomination for a Super Sweet Blogging Award! Many thanks!

It’s this type of feedback that reminds me how much I love blogging and connecting with such interesting and inspiring people all over the world! As part of this award I need to answer the questions below and nominate 13 other blogs.


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Q. Cookies or Cake?

Well I have to confess that I treat myself every single night to 2 dark Tim Tams…It’s all part of my mental health regime. You know, the Aussie biscuits that Hugh Jackman shipped to Oprah when he visited her show.

Q. Chocolate or Vanilla?

What sort of question is that? Superfluous really?

Q. Favorite sweet treat?

The 2nd part to my mental health plan includes consuming half a slab of the Green & Black dark chocolate every Friday night.

Q. When do you crave sweet things the most?

When my pupils start to dilate and I get the shivers.

Q. Sweet nick name?

Weenie (a weird derivative of my name Rowena)

My 13 Other Super Sweet Blogging Nominees are (in no particular order):

  1. CharcoalBlue
  2. Patterns Tried and True
  3. Beneath The Layers
  4. The Cloud Pottery
  5. Cindy Forrester Studio
  6. Racheltolputtbruce
  7. Alison Sye
  8. Southern Clay
  9. Lisa W.B. Walker
  10. On The Upcycle
  11. reretro
  12. English Girl at Home
  13. BabsBelshaw

Have fun taking a snoop around these blogs!


8 thoughts on “Nominated for Super Sweet Blogging Award!

  1. You are basically made from chocolate Rowena, considering your total consumption of chocolate in the name of mental health so it couldn’t have happened to a sweeter person I say. Thanks for the nomination too.

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