It’s Never to Late to Reignite your old Flames!

I can’t believe what I discovered tonight….my brother-in-law Daniel (big Maori guy with associated tatt’s) is a talented potter, or should I say he was when he was a teenager. He hasn’t touched pottery since he left school which makes me want to scream right now. I uncovered the pots below hidden in his kitchen cupboards. He said that he made these when we was 15 years old.  I am utterly speechless that a 15 yr old made these pots. The large pot below is a coil pot and the mugs he made on the wheel. For anyone who knows a little about pottery would know how hard it is to make wheel thrown pots. I sat there holding these mugs inspecting the perfect rims for ages…inspecting the perfect thickness of the clay right from the bottom of the mug right up to the top. He applied the handles perfectly…the glazes he said were a mixture as he said he didn’t like using the same glazes. I couldn’t agree more.

Daniel said pottery at school was the ONLY thing he liked and excelled at, but now he doesn’t touch clay at all. But, now that his little secret is out I’ll be nagging him until he gets back into it. So sad to see gifts like this hidden from the rest of us. I could see a light in his eyes when he talked about clay, shapes, glazes, form and the excitement of the kiln opening. Whenever I see the glint in someone’s eyes I know its never to late. Come on Daniel…get on with it….

Wheel thrown mugs by Daniel when he was 15

Wheel thrown mugs by Daniel when he was 15

Wheel thrown mug by Daniel

Wheel thrown mug by Daniel

Coil Pot by Daniel

Coil Pot by Daniel

Daniel left the coils showing on the inside

Daniel left the coils showing on the inside


13 thoughts on “It’s Never to Late to Reignite your old Flames!

  1. Good G@wd – very talented. Handles are so difficult.
    Unbelievable these beauties are thrown by a 15 year old..!!!
    Please kick him towards the clay till he starts again!! I’m sure he will marvel us with his new work.
    Keep us posted…
    Incredible you didn’t have a clue… some secrets are well hidden…

  2. My goodness, I don’t know a lot about pottery but I know enough to know something good when I see it. Put on your nagging hat Row! I wish I had a talent like that stored in the bottom of a cupboard somewhere.

  3. I love these. I especially love the tall coiled vessel. What a beautiful shape and I love that the coils are left on the inside. You know just what it is, and it’s doing a great job of that.

  4. Row, the lip and handles of his mug pieces are masterful. It’s a crime he hasn’t thrown any pots in all these years. Let the ‘nagging’ ensue!! P.S. How lucky are you to have such a cool brother-in-law!!

  5. WOW! I didn’t have the chance to learn pottery until my mid 20’s pregnant with my 3rd child. I am beginning to have time and space, money and enough energy to FINALLY get into it a little more often, 2 more kids/16 years/12 yrs homeschooling later. I don’t have the talent Dan has! Please make more pots, Dan! Those of us who have to learn, struggle and fail repeatedly are a wee bit envious of pure talent, and get a wee little grouchy when it sits dormant. 🙂 I am enjoyint this blog, and look forward to more.

    • Hi Angeline
      Lovely to see your comment. I was pass on your sentiments to Dan. I can relate to your challenges of finding time with our other responsibilities. Hey there is no right or wrong with ceramics. It doesnt really matter as long as you enjoy it!!! The act of ‘creating’ is a precious gift and calms the soul. I do it for that purpose….to keep my soul calm!!!

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