Beautiful coil pots by Jim Irvine

My all time favourite coil pot artist is Jim Irvine. I have been following his work for years on his website. He now has an online shop You have to check it out. I mean, STOP what you are doing and take a look, as you will not find such amazing coil pots anywhere else. His work is original, beautiful and functional.

Here is my coil mug created by Jim. I really like the contrast of textures on the inside and outside of the mug. By the way he does ship outside of America (he posted to me way down under in Australia). If you do live outside of America, just contact him on Etsy and he will work out with you shipping details etc.

Coil mug by Jim Irvine

Coil mug by Jim Irvine

Coil mug by Jim Irvine

Coil mug by Jim Irvine


9 thoughts on “Beautiful coil pots by Jim Irvine

      • Thank you, and I feel the same about yours. I like the idea of a Christmas present like that. Something that you will enjoy every time you look at or use, and yet you might not feel that you could buy it for yourself.

        I enjoyed seeing this work. We think of coiled work as for children when they start out in clay, I think. This gave me a new perspective and some ideas to try on my own.

  1. These are wonderful! I just began a ceramics class a couple of weeks ago and my first finished piece came out today. I can’t say it’s anywhere near Mr. Irvine’s, but it is nonetheless exhilarating! Thank you for sharing this.

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