Vintage ‘Finds’ Inside Grandma’s House

Recently I posted about finding vintage items in Grandma’s backyard, which for some reason has been one of my most popular posts. So I am back again to share a few ‘bits & pieces’ from my last visit to mums.

I have just spent one week back at mum’s house with my siblings and all of our kids. As per usual, we spent many hours in the kitchen cooking for the thousands of hungry mouths…occasionally breaking out into some devil inspired Mexican wave dance. If Simone, my youngest sister, has one drop of food that does not come from Adam & Eve’s ‘all natural garden’, over a period of 20 minutes she morphs into a completely different being of which I can’t quite describe because it depends on which of the following she has consumed: gluten, caffeine, salicylates (yep, you might need to look that one up), food colourings, 130B (yep, another one to look up)…I could go on.  She is also scared of the dark! Oh, I had so much fun with this one, hiding in bushes in the backyard in the dark waiting for her to walk from the art studio back to the house where there are no lights, and launching on her like a person over dosed on 130B. Ohhh, I’m still giggling over that one…I have never seen her jump so high and scream so loud. But Simone, our ‘Adam & Eve All Natural Goddess’ has convinced us all to make our own bread. She has patiently taught me how to make bread and given me one of her bread-makers (which kinda helps). So I have now promoted myself to a new holy domain of domestic life. I reckon I now have the glowing domestic halo sitting above me right now! Come on….how many people can say ‘I make my own bread’???  The fact that I still can’t make a packet cake or boil an egg is besides the point. Now for my other siblings, well… I’ll leave that to another post, cause I want to share some photos. I hope you like them mum. And thanks again for letting us all come down and trashing the joint!

I took the photos below using my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone with different effects eg. Vintage, Cartoon, Oil/Pastel.

Vintage kettles and teapots in Grandma's kitchen

Vintage kettles and teapots in Grandma’s kitchen

Vintage lights in Grandma's bedroom

Vintage lights in Grandma’s bedroom

I remember mum crocheting this blanket when I was a little girl. She still has the same lounge chair as well.

Vintage chair and blanket in Grandma's lounge room

Vintage chair and blanket in Grandma’s lounge room

Statue in Grandma's lounge room

Statue in Grandma’s lounge room

Vintage enamelware in Grandma's house

Vintage enamelware in Grandma’s house

Vintage cot in bedroom in Grandma's house

Vintage cot in bedroom in Grandma’s house

Church pew in Grandma's back yard

Church pew in Grandma’s back yard

Vintage chair with balloons from Micah's birthday party

Vintage chair with balloons from Micah’s birthday party

Jars, pots, bottles used in Grandma's still life paintings

Jars, pots, bottles used in Grandma’s still life paintings

Fruit bowl and candle

Fruit bowl and candle

Hat stand in Grandma's hallway

Hat stand in Grandma’s hallway

Visitors bedroom in Grandma's house

Visitors bedroom in Grandma’s house

Photo of mum and dad and their parents

Photo of mum and dad and their parents

In the 'lobby' in Grandma's house

In the ‘lobby’ in Grandma’s house

Old water tank in backyard

Old water tank in backyard

Front of Grandma's house

Front of Grandma’s house


7 thoughts on “Vintage ‘Finds’ Inside Grandma’s House

  1. Thanks for sharing. Absolutely Beautiful.I can imagine you all had such a great time together. Keep the family fire burning!!

  2. So I guess now you really do believe me that I am scared of the dark?
    I love these photos, besides looking beautiful and refined, elegant and historical, lyrical and romantic, they are a nice distraction and a disguise to the wacky personalities erupting under the one roof on occasions such as this last week.
    Now that I am home again, far away, it is back to the lone coffee adventures where I will no doubt burst into laughter in a public space thanks to the memories (or the ‘coffine’).

    • yeah, ‘wacky’ is an understatement I think! Our time went so quickly. Can’t wait for next time. Looking forward to another episode of hacksawing a pot plant holder, nailing the broken pieces of pot plant rubber to a piece of wood and then hanging the piece in a tree….oh wait a minute….let’s run a hose over the piece of broken rubber in the tree to see how the water falls….geeez…all in the name of art…I’ve started giggling again with tears running down my face.
      Noooo, hang on a minute… my favourite Simone was the rubber glove that you so elegantly stabbed in the fingers to then fill with water and hang on the clothes line.

      • I am so glad I could entertain. I thought adding the water was a genius idea, just didn’t turn out that way.

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