Vintage ‘finds’ in grandma’s backyard!

It’s always so exciting to pack my 3 boys and husband in the car and travel 5 hrs to visit my mum and dad in country NSW. Their home is full of interesting books, magazines, art, craft, love, really bad jokes, interesting conversations and country home cooking. Don’t get me started about the cooking…my favourite is when mum cooks and bottles home grown plumbs/peaches. Ohhh…actually it’s hard to compare to the home grown rhubarb and apple pie.

We try to coordinate our visits with my siblings and their spouses/kids so that all the cousins get to hang out together.  The girls hang out in the large country kitchen baking our own bread and the most amazing meals, especially when Simone is there. She just pops out her laptop and Googles any recipe and away we go….

Below are a few things I discovered in mum’s backyard last time we visited. You never quite know what you will find….

Iron fireplace sitting in mum's backyard

Iron fireplace sitting in mum’s backyard

Another fireplace in mum's backyard

Another fireplace in mum’s backyard next to her art studio

Vintage acme clothes wringer

Vintage ACME Clothes Wringer in mum’s backyard

Vintage Challenge pure wool blankets

Vintage pure wool blankets

Vintage Singer table in mum's backyard

Vintage Singer table in mum’s backyard

Recycled bricks that dad sourced and then laid

Recycled bricks that dad sourced and then laid


25 thoughts on “Vintage ‘finds’ in grandma’s backyard!

  1. While I may not have a clue about life in Australia this is such a wonderful post about family and love. I can sense the warm welcome and happy times. The children will grow up with such happy memories. Love the first fireplace and the blankets hanging on the line. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hey, thanks for visiting and your lovely comment. Yes, it’s pretty cool to have such a great extended family. Glad you like some of the things uncovered in mum’s backyard. Your blog is really interesting. I really like your photography. Sounds like you have had many varied experiences from making heart valves, making pottery through to the excitement of meeting the Lord. See you around!

    • Yeah, I’m salivating thinking about your cooking…and spending hours talking about INTP, INTJ, ESTJ, ISTJ, ISTP, ISTJ, ESTF, ESTJ, INFP, INFJ through to SHIT

  2. I showed this post to our daughter, here for the weekend, & who I guess is about your age, after saying to her “You’ll never believe this, but this could be us!” She totally agreed, even down to the bad jokes, the mangle, the reclaimed bricks and the Singer table. Amazing!

  3. Hi, yes, I agree. Thanks for visiting. I also bought some just like these from my local Op shop. I have them on my bed now. I like them so much that I don’t even use a bed spread cover….just the blankets.

  4. Hi there, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad I discovered your blog yesterday!
    I’m visiting mum again in first week of July with the extended family again, so I might take some more photos, maybe her art studio…

  5. Thanks for stopping by our sight. We really like yours. Love the recycled bricks! We picked up a load from an old 1900’s schoolhouse that burned down and are planning to use them in an outdoor fireplace. So many projects….so little time.

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