Meet Miss Rose – Vintage VW Van

As I am going through a de-cluttering phase, I recently put up some items to sell on Gumtree…like Royal Albert plates…old vintage picture frames etc. Anyway, I soon met Dani online who purchased some items. Today, Danni and her friends came to pick up her pieces in her really cool vintage VW Van, Miss Rose. 

Dani has personally restored Miss Rose to her former glory. She has also given me permission to share some photos.

My favourite feature of Miss Rose is the patchwork ceiling, followed by the eye lashes on the lights.  We had a lovely time chatting about up-cycling, Op shopping, restoring Miss Rose etc. I was so excited about the patchwork ceiling in Miss Rose that I had to show the girls my patchwork wallpaper wall in my lounge. I can’t tell you how good it feels to meet people with the same quirky ways! Thanks for adding some much needed colour to my day ladies!!!

Patchwork ceiling in the van by Dani

Patchwork ceiling in the van by Dani

Vintage Van restored by Dani

Vintage Van restored by Dani

Patchwork fabric ceiling

Patchwork fabric ceiling

Vintage VW Van with eye lashes

Vintage VW Van with eye lashes

Such pretty eyes

Miss Rose has such pretty eyes



16 thoughts on “Meet Miss Rose – Vintage VW Van

  1. You cannot find a more fun vehicle than an air cooled VW. I have owned and driven many a mile in two Bugs and two Vans. Oh so wonderful. and I love the upgraded décor and styling of Miss Rose. Brings a big, happy smile to me.

  2. You should get a VW, we have a Kombi, it is a 1957 split window one, I love them. We also have a beetle convertible and a Karman Ghia my Husband has been doing up for me. It has been a long process as he is recovering from cancer and still taking chemo pills, so it has been slow.And also it costs so much to restore cars. Can’t wait though. Our Kombi is yet to be done. Go on save up for one. I love the one on your blog, it is neat. I will post my car sometime on my blog. You have a neat blog, I will have another look soon. Regards

  3. Hi lovely to hear from you. Yes my husband is keen as well for a VW Kombi.
    I saw your car on your blog. Pretty ccool. My husband is from NZ. His father is Maori. My husband has been in Australia since he was 12 yrs old and is now an Aussie but still only goes for the All Blacks!
    I love that lamp shade you remade. We have some similar quirkiness you and I! Is that a word? It is now.

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