Rescuing handmade bowl and gift tags

I found these bisque pieces sitting in a rubbish pile in my garage…still waiting to be loved upon with some glazing and a 2nd firing. Poor little souls, I hope they don’t feel too traumatised and neglected. I can’t even remember when I made them. Must of been in my sleep or in a previous life. Anyway, better late then never to bring them back to life.

For these I applied a black under-glaze for the crevices and applied a clear glaze over the top. Really liking the contrast between the black glaze and white clay. What do you think?

Handmade bowl with black underglaze

Handmade bowl with black underglaze

Slab pot

Slab pot

Slab pot

Slab pot

Handmade clay gift tags

Handmade clay gift tags


11 thoughts on “Rescuing handmade bowl and gift tags

  1. glad you rescued them. If they’re a bit traumatized… they need a kiss. Mwhaa. better! Question: how DO you put on the black glaze on the lace? with a one-hair pencil? Seems quite difficult not to “run” over the lines…???

  2. Love the contrast, has given me some great inspiration for tonight pottery class!
    I really enjoy reading your blog – thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Beautiful pieces- glad they were rescued! I especially like the detail of the bottom half of the slab pot. What tool did you use to create such textured lines and consistent patterns? Would love to try something similar. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for visiting. I cheat by using a lace doily. I press the doily in and take out. After bisque firing I apply black underglaze and then back the surface so the black is left in the crevices.

  4. Can’t believe I missed this post somehow. The bowls are my favourite. I especially like the contrast of the black. I should have asked you to bring one for me (sad face, however you do that).

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