Thank heavens there are still some ‘bricks & mortar’ bookstores around!

Yes, yes, yes… I know how great it is to read books on our techo devices, but for some topics I still prefer to walk into a ‘bricks & mortar’ bookstore, especially if I am with my mum and sisters (Louise and Simone). Mum, my siblings and I all have quite different personalities, which can provide endless hours of entertainment AND sometimes torture (especially if our brother is around), but one thing we all do have in common is the love of a good bookstore and to snoop around for a while. We all have absolutely no interest in going to fashion stores or anything that is remotely girly, which probably accounts for why we have no friends and our kids don’t want to be seen with us in public…but really…I mean… why spend money on clothes when I can buy a great second-hand book on slab pots? Here is one of our favourite book stores. If you are near Harden in country NSW, and you love to visit ‘bricks & mortar’ bookstores, you must drop into Booklore.





5 thoughts on “Thank heavens there are still some ‘bricks & mortar’ bookstores around!

  1. Rowena,
    It really amazes me how much we are alike. First our love for clay as a child and now love of book stores.,,
    Most families talk about their travels to amusements parks and shopping malls. My husband, sons and I take trips to find book stores, old library’s, historical old churches and clay and art studios. We love old book stores, they are becoming hard to find as our world is going electronic books. I guess it just makes it more if an adventure to find them.

    • Hey Janet, how cool is that! Feels like we are sisters somehow! Your family trips sound divine. We do the same…although sometimes my 3 boys are weeping and knashing of teeth from boredom! But I just ingore their outcry’s and carry on anyway. I make sure they have their iPads etc and I promise lots of good food and sometimes they manage to be civil.
      I would rather eat broken glass than go to the local shopping Mall. But any open garage sale or Op shop I am there in a flash. Is that the same with you?

  2. Is that Louise in the last picture?
    Living in the outback I have found a new best friend – Amazon. I’m just totally in love with him/her? There is nothing better than pondering (uninterrupted of course) over the endless menu of learning opportunities. So long as I have a nice pair of jeans, white shirt, scarf, shoes & handbag, who needs things? Just give me books, paper and pencil, or an old envelope, crunched up shopping list even, point is – just do not take my books.

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