Handmade Christmas decorations from clay

I am quite happy with my new Christmas decorations. For these I applied Japanese tissue paper with a clear glaze over the top.

Steps to make:

  1. Roll clay out into a thin slab
  2. Use any cookie shape that you like to press into the clay to create your shapes
  3. Let them dry out completely
  4. Gently sand the clay ornaments
  5. Cut out desired shape of Japanese tissue paper and face down on the clay
  6. Apply a damp sponge on top of the tissue paper
  7. After about 30 seconds gently peel off the backing paper
  8. First firing
  9. Apply clear glaze
  10. Second firing

Clay pendants with Japanese tissue paper and clear glaze

Plain white ornaments with clear glaze only.

Clay pendants with clear glaze only


2 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas decorations from clay

  1. where do you get the Japanese tissue paper … this goes thru a high fire or low fire firing with glaze on it? thanks

    • Hi there

      Nice to hear from you again!
      I purchase my Japanese Transfer paper from my local pottery and ceramics supplier Brookvale Ceramics.
      Their website however does not show the various Japanese transfer papers that they sell. They are just down the road from me so I always shop there in person. If you can’t purchase it from here I assume there would be another online shop somewhere. If I find one I’ll come back and update this comment. If you find one can you also let me know? For these Christmas dec’s I applied the Japanese Transfer paper before the Bisque firing (which was 1000). Then I applied the clear glaze before second firing (which was 1080). Brookvale Ceramics advised me that these transfer papers can be fired up to stoneware levels).

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