Chevonne’s slab-coil pot

Chevonne had lots of fun making this slab coil pot! Isn’t it lovely! A true potter in the making…

While potting away with Chevonne I must say I was enthralled listening to Chevonne’s experiences at school. Wow, it’s a different world from my 3 boys and their worlds. I was mesmerised by all that she had to say. Mind you, all I get from the boys is a few grunts…I might get some actual English when they say how hungry they are. Actually, the last time my oldest said anything that sounded like a sentence to me was…”Mum, remember how I used to be embarrased by you and not walk with you in public, well I have grown through that now”!  Gee, thanks Jesse.

A slab-coil pot is when you make the coils in slab format and cut out strips. I find it is a quicker way to make pots then round coils.

Slab coil pot by Chevonne

Chevonne’s pot now with a handle



5 thoughts on “Chevonne’s slab-coil pot

  1. Question about slab coil pot. I’d like to know about the thickness of the slab. Especially for such a HUGE pot. When is the best time to start building it? If the clay is Too wet, the walls will definitely collapse I think.

    • The thickness is about 2cm. After rolling the clay out and cutting the longs strips of clay, let them sit for a little while to firm up before using and joining to the previous strip.

      • thanks for the information. I had no clue that they strips should be that thick. This sure helps. Can you find my email in the posts? I could send you a couple of pics of my clay-play-“thingies”

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