Making handmade plates from clay

In the process of making some handmade plates from clay. I don’t like making plates that are identical. I like to have different patterns on every plate. Can’t wait until they dry so that I can fire/glaze/fire. I am quite captivated by handmade plates at the moment so I think I will make a large number of them.

Steps to make these:

  1. Roll out slab of clay
  2. Place on top of the clay a doily (or any other material/foliage etc) that you think could make some good impressions
  3. Using your rolling-pin roll over the top of the doily gently to get the desired impression. Remove doily/material.
  4. Using your round template (I used another plate) turn it upside down and place on the clay and cut around the plate so that you get your round circle of clay cut
  5. Now carefully lift up your round circle of clay (with the impression made) and place on top of another plate to help give it some form. This will also support your new plate while it dries out. I use a bisque plate to place my ‘new’ plates on top as the clay will not stick to the bisque plate. Or if I haven’t got a spare bisque plate then I’ll use some newspaper on a glazed plate.
  6. Gently press your new plate down in the middle and sides so that it sits properly on the support plate and you get the right shape.
  7. Let dry
  8. 1st firing – Glaze – 2nd firing

Handmade plate with doily impression drying out

Handmade plate with doily impression drying out

Handmade plate with material impression

Handmade plates with impressions made from different materials





9 thoughts on “Making handmade plates from clay

  1. great job, nice idea!! i´d appreciate your visit on my new blog too. maybe you join my idea? 🙂
    nice regards!

    • Hi Tim
      Thanks for visiting. Just been reading your blog. Great idea about the kids naps. Really cool idea. I will see if I can find a photo of my kids napping. Will put in a prayer to the Lord for Jonah to.

    • Hi. Thanks for visiting. The clay is Feeneys BRT clay. It has quite a lot of grog in it. So when fired to stoneware black flecks come through the glaze. When fired to earthernware the flecks do not show. The clay looks more red.

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