My first slipcast pot

Here is my first slipcast pot. The glaze is Mayco CG786 Obsidian (it contains crystals) which give it the blue ‘blotchy’ look. I love glazes with crystals in them.

Below shows the glaze on the inside of the rim where it merged with some clear glaze.


6 thoughts on “My first slipcast pot

  1. Turned out so great…
    I love Mayco’s crystal glazes too. I will try this one also. My favourite is Firecracker.

  2. thought you’d like the closet potter… tried to find how to send you a private message on this blog to ask for your email address. Bit shy, but could share a couple of my clay-play-thingies by email.

    • just send you an email with some pics. N.B.: You’d better remove your email address from here. It could be found by these robot crawlers which harvest email addresses and you’ll end up in spammers lists.

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