A few ‘goodies’ from the markets at The Rocks (in Sydney)

Having lived in Sydney from the age of 8, I have never been to the markets at The Rocks on the week-end. Pretty pathetic I know! I finally got around to getting there today with my husband. Below are a few goodies that I bought at the markets. It was great to explore the area… food, coffee, markets, shops and galleries.

I was happy to pick up a piece of handmade pottery from Turkey. I always admire people who can paint ceramics/pottery like this. I have tried to do something like this before but I just don’t have the patience, skill and steady hand required. The other thing I like about this technique is the texture. When you run your fingers over the pot you can feel the texture of the glazes/paints.

Hand painted pot

Hand painted pot

A lovely hand made journal that I got for my friends birthday tomorrow.

leather hand-made journal

And a book that I have had my eye on for ages…..’my cool shed’ by jane field-lewis (from the local book store at The Rocks).

‘my cool shed’ by Jane Field-Lewis


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