Fun in Bowral

My husband and I recently had a wonderful short stay in Bowral NSW (a few hours drive south of Sydney). Below are some of the really cool shops I went to.

The first place we went to was – Dirty Janes.

It is the biggest antique, vintage, collectibles warehouse I have ever been to. There is actually one huge antique store at the front and then behind there are 2 of the largest warehouses I have ever seen full of vintage, collectibles, antiques and second-hand goods. It is worth the trip to Bowral just for this shop alone. You will find Dirty Janes on the corner of Banyette and Bong Bong street, Bowral.

Another great place to go to is –  Sidetracked depot. They have all sorts of industrial, weird and wonderful things to explore. The address is 37 Station Street, Bowral.

We also took a quick drive to Moss Vale to go to Made by Others. I really like this pottery by Samantha Robinson. She is a potter based in Sydney. I often come across her work. I have an article about her still on my pin board at home.

Handmade pottery by Samantha Robinson

On the way home from Moss Vale we stopped at the historic village of Berrima. It was sad to see their large antiques store closed down (due to the owners passing away), but they still had a wonderful pottery shop called Berrima Village Pottery at 8 Jellore Street, plus some other interesting galleries etc.

Hey, did I mention that my taste buds came back to life after eating in Bowral for a few days. They really know how to grow, cook and prepare their food in the Southern Highlands! The coffee was great to….and I found a couple of great book stores. The simple things in life are always the greatest!


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