Dad now a Doctor at 76!

Well… my Dad has certainly shown me that we are never to old to learn and to push the boundaries. At 76 years old he now holds a Doctorate of Philosophy.  Congrat’s Dad! It was such a special day to be there at your graduation at the great Macquarie Uni….AND to see you also receive an additional medal from your Supervisor, the Head of the faculty and the Vice Chancellor!!!!

Dad’s Doctorate Supervisor, mum, dad, Faculty Head and Vice Chancellor.



4 thoughts on “Dad now a Doctor at 76!

    • Yes, I find dad and what he has done over the years amazing. He treats his life like a marathon runner, rather than a sprinter, but I can see he thoroughly enjoys the process. Actually for him I think it is entirely about the process…the journey! He loves the journey of learning.

      • What a great example. It would wonderful if he could give talks at schools to encourage young people never to give up!! My mom has turned 80 last year and still works as a beautician 3 days a week. She still loves doing it.

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