Respecting previous generations handiwork

When we bought our old house 3 years ago there were a few things left behind by the original owners in the garage. I learnt from our elderly neighbours a lot about the previous owners of our house as they were similar in age and were good friends who looked out for each other.

Apparently the previous owners of our house were very good with building things and working with timber. Below are a few things that they personally made and left behind in the garage that I now cherish and use:

  1. A workbench that I hope to fit into the house one day. All I had to do was give it a clean, a quick sand and a clear stain to protect the wood. It was well worn, tested and loved in the past and I feel blessed that I can carry on using it into the future!
  2. Small draws that they made as a way to store all of their different nails in the garage. When we moved in each of these draws were still full of nails all perfectly sorted by nail type. I can still see his hand writing on most of the draws stating the type of nail. I have now removed these draws from the garage and use them to store my huge button collection in my lounge room. You just never know when you might need easy access to a lovely button! Perfect for those people who have a ‘storage fettish’.

Workbench built by the previous house owner

Vice still in perfect working order

Here is the small draw cabinet that I have removed from the garage, covered with some fabric remnants….


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