Row’s not so new shed

Finally got around to finishing off my ‘not so new’ shed.

  1. First we created a small concrete slab for my shed to sit on (thanks to my father-in-law who drives a concrete truck and my husband and brother-in-law for smoothing it out)
  2. Once the concrete dried I then painted the slab with some concrete paint
  3. Repositioned the shed onto the slab
  4. Had a domestic with my husband on how the roof should go back on…he’s a ‘computer guy’, not a ‘handy-man’…need I say anything more…
  5. Husband is then in bed for 2 days with ‘man-flu’ recovering from putting on the new roof
  6. I then painted the inside of the shed while husband in bed recovering from his ‘handy-man’ efforts
  7. Then the fun bits…went to Op shops to buy some chairs to go inside the shed
  8. Make some wall art using embroidery hoops and material ‘off-cuts’
  9. Move some of my pots to a new home
  10. Sit and watch the kids play in the backyard…or wait until the kids are in the house and go to my shed with a cup of tea and a few magazines to escapte the chaos…..


My new shed made from recycled fence palings



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