Clay Slab Box

I am still in a ‘stamping’ frenzy on my clay. These slab pots/boxes are easy to make.

  1. Roll out 5 slabs and cut (4 slabs for the sides and one for the base).
  2. Add your impressions/stamps etc to the slabs.
  3. Allow the slabs to dry up and firm a little to make it easier for putting the slabs together.
  4. Using slurry join your side slabs to the base.
  5. Roll out some coils of clay and add to the joins to strengthen the box.
  6. Let dry before 1st firing.

Slab pot


4 clay slabs firming up


Making impressions


Clay slab pot




4 thoughts on “Clay Slab Box

  1. What a great slab bowl. I love how you used alot of different things to make impressions in the clay. Very inspiring.

    I love working with air dry clay and paper mâché. But my main thing is scrapbooking and cardmaking.

  2. I am also working with clay and have done slab work. right now I am working to become proficient on the wheel. Keep having a good time creating. I have an art blog at artofearthandlight on wordpress. You might check it out. Take care.

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