Handmade mug, cup and plate

I haven’t had much time lately to make big pieces so I tinker away when I can on a few small pieces. I leave some clay and tools at one end of the kitchen table, so if I have 5 minutes I can quickly have a ‘play’ with some clay. My family never complain about my mess. Mind you I live with 4 boys, so I don’t think they even notice!

These are slab built. The mug has a clear glaze. For the cup and plate I used  – Ceramichrome Melon Red Semi-Transparent 203.

Slab built mug with lace impression

slab built cup with 2 coils

plate with lace impression

clay pieces drying out


4 thoughts on “Handmade mug, cup and plate

    • Hi Cath
      Yes, I love these patterns to.
      These impressions on the clay were not created with stamps. I used different lace doilies and place mat materials. It is so much fun experimenting with different materials, seeing which ones make nice impressions. Basically I just keep an eye out for anything that has lots of texture that may leave an impression on clay. Our local Op shops usually have cheap doilies and other materials etc so it doesn’t cost much at all to build up a little ‘library’ of materials.
      See you later

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