Coil pot to hold my cutlery

Given that I now refuse to use my pathetic cutlery draw I thought I should make a pot so that I can put all my cutlery in one easy spot sitting on the bench. No more fighting trying to open/close a draw that refuses to cooperate with me. I have taken this battle into my own hands and now declare myself the winner!

To ensure the boys in my family remember where to find our cutlery I even put the words ‘spoons’, ‘knives’ and ‘forks’ on the side. Also means that I will not have to use my ever reducing brain cells to remember which compartment the spoons go into and which compartment the knives go into…well you know what I mean.

I bought the letter stamps from Pulp Creative Paper.

Coil pot drying out


2 thoughts on “Coil pot to hold my cutlery

  1. Where did you find your rabbit and bird stamp??? Also I love the wooden stamps that you got from pulp creative . I looked and I could not find them.. What did you look under to find them.? Thanks

    • Hi
      I bought the rabbit and bird stamp from Pulp Creative Paper probably about 2 years ago. I just had a look at their site again and I couldn’t find any of those wooden stamps/pieces either, so it looks like they don’t have them any more. Maybe try emailing them. I did buy these pieces in person by going to their store so I wonder if they also have stock that maybe isn’t included in their online shop.

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