Handmade plates with lace doily impressions

Here are my plates now glazed.


Samples used for the plates above


5 thoughts on “Handmade plates with lace doily impressions

    • hi there
      Cool, I have just uploaded an image to the bottom of this post showing the samples of lace/doilies that I used for these plates. The largest piece is actually a plastic lace but the others are your traditional doilies.
      Thanks so much for dropping by and your comment!

  1. Hi Row, and greetings from Laguna Beach, California.
    It has been pure pleasure perusing your creative world.
    I feel like I have met a kindred spirit.
    I do wish you lived next door, what fun we would have experimenting together!
    Thank you for posting all the treasures and inspiration.

    • Hi Paulette, oh how lovely to meet you! Yes, I’ve gone to take a look at your blog and can see what you mean. Definately a kindred spirit. We both share an innate compulsion to create! I had no idea you could combine those doilies with another piece of pottery, pour liquid clay over the doily, then in the firing the doily expires and you are left with those lovely patterns. I wonder if you could also do that with other fabrics like a woollen beanie or something? Those flowers on your pots are amazing and you create in heaps of other media to. I noticed that your blog is via blogspot. I assume I can still follow a blogspot blog. I’ll have a look now cause I want to see what you get up to.
      Row from sunny Australia!

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