‘Man cave’ with identity crises

My latest addition to our back yard is a really cool Man Cave (albeit with an identify crises as I start to pretty it up). So how did I inherit this lovely shed? Well for Fathers Day a couple of weeks ago one of the talented guys from our church at Mona Vale CLC made this shed out of recycled timber and set it up at the front of the church on the podium. Can you see the ‘Man Cave’ sign on the front? After listening to 3 men from the congregation talk about what Fathers Day means to them the Pastor then asked the congregation if anyone wanted the Man Cave. I saw someone’s hand go up and then realised that hand belonged to me. Next thing I know the guys have dismantled the Man Cave in the church and set it up in my back yard! See… God works in mysterious ways! I love my church on many levels…..

Shed made from recycled timber

Have just finished sanding/cleaning/painting these old secondhand frames. I am thinking of putting some vintage fabrics in them.

old ornate frames given a new life



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