ideas for new pottery studio

Given that my current pottery studio shed needs to be demolished I have been thinking about what building materials to use for the new pottery studio. At the moment I am thinking of the following options:

  1. Currogated iron like the picture below or
  2. Mud bricks. Actually… to save costs I could leave the frame up which is still solid and build the mud brick walls myself. Oh that would be llllots of fun. Get to play with lots of clay. Given that I am time poor I can buy the mud bricks and lay them myself from Make It Mudbricks (just need to attend a 2 day workshop to learn the details). With mud brick walls you don’t need to add any insulation etc. ooh….oooh…yeah, that means I could include some coloured glass bottles in the walls and handmade tiles and the mind boggles…….

Has anyone got any advice???


3 thoughts on “ideas for new pottery studio

  1. I love how the corrugated iron looks but hand doing bricks and adding glass bottles would be easy and cheap and pretty cool too! What did you end up deciding?

    • Hi Britney. Yes, I would love to do the mud bricks, but I have my husband and family saying that I should use the same white cladding used for the house so that it compliments the house for re-sale value. But I can’t see myself ever selling our place. It costs too much to sell and re-buy a house these days in Sydney! So should I tell them all to “go jump?”

      • Yea reselling maybe easier if it was the same, but if your not wanting to sell it in the near future then I wouldn’t worry about it. Make it a place you want to go everyday. If the mud brick is cheaper than thats even better!

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