Visiting The Mud Factory in Mudgee NSW

My husband and I just came back from a 2 day trip to Mudgee. We had a wonderful time. I think I’ll be going on a diet though for the next few weeks.

One of my highlights was visiting The Mud Factory. I had always remembered reading about Toni and Warwick from The Mud Factory in the Australian Country Style magazine and knew that one day I would get here. It was so lovely to meet Toni and the business they have built up over the years. Their building had a lot of good old Aussie character fused with lots of life, creativity and care for their community! They run a whole range of art, multi-media and craft classes/activities. Thanks Toni for our lovely chat, I really appreciate it. People like you make me want to get off the couch and launch into the creative ‘zone’. Oh…and all the best with your second baby!

Below are some photo’s of Toni and The Mud Factory. (I took these photo’s with my phone so the quality isn’t the best…sorry….one day I’ll get a proper camera).

Toni in The Mud Factory

Toni is now setting up her new screen printing machine


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