Slab pot

Another slab pot. This time I experimented using the pattern from the red place-mat. I love the impression it leaves on the clay.

Slab pot - impression on clay from place-mat

After glazing and 2nd firing


  1. Roll out slab of clay and cut rectangle shape out
  2. Lay the place-mat on the top of the clay slab and with a rolling pin apply pressure over the whole slab
  3. Repeat the above step for a second slab (for the back of the pot)
  4. Put slabs aside to firm up
  5. Roll more slabs of clay and cut out a base slab and side slabs and again let them firm up
  6. Once the slabs have firmed up a little turn one of the impressed slabs upside down and attach the sides with slurry and reinforce the joints with a coil.
  7. Add the base slab using the same techniques above
  8. Get the second impressed slab (for the back of the pot) and using slurry join to the pot (while still lying down on its side…I also put inside a tissue box to ensure the slab didn’t cave in)
  9. Then carefully stand the pot up and reinforce the inside of the pot with a coil along the joins (if you inserted a tissue box like me you will need to take this out once the pot is standing)
  10. Add a few coils to the top of the pot and finish off

4 thoughts on “Slab pot

  1. Hi Ammaka
    Thanks for visiting and your query.
    To get this deep impression I used the red placemat shown in the bottom of the first photograph. I am not sure what the placemat is made from. It feels like a soft rubber, but not as strong as rubber. I found with this material that if the clay is too wet it will get stuck and not come away properly, so the clay needs to be a bit dryer. Also as soon as you roll over the placemat on the clay remove the placemat straight away otherwise it will stick to the placemat. I think the thickness would be about 6mm. If I find out exactly what type of material is I will post here again.

  2. This is also an awesome piece. I should do some walking through your old blogs… so much more to see and learn from. Also found this pinned at Pinterest.

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