Pot made with clay balls

Well for something different I have made a pot from balls of clay and one narrow slab of clay in the middle. I think its probably the ugliest pot that I have made. Fun making it though with my 3 year old. He helped with rolling the balls of clay.

Pot made from balls of clay


  1. Roll clay for the base by cutting out a circle shape
  2. Roll balls of clay
  3. Put some water/slurry where the balls are going to join with the clay when placing them down
  4. Once you laid one layer of balls join them on the inside to strengthen the pot and to ensure there are no holes.
  5. Repeat the layers
  6. In this example I included a slab of clay in the middle

6 thoughts on “Pot made with clay balls

  1. Hi, I can’t decide if it’s just plain ugly, weird or who know’s!!! But if you like it then it was worth making! Have fun experimenting. Actually I don’t think one can ever finish experimenting with clay.

  2. make more ugly and weird. I have just a great time walking through your blog and admiring your ceramics work. Gotta try something like this too I think.

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