Not sure what to call these…

What do I call these??? Button pendants? Christmas decorations? Buttons on clay thingeeees? Anyone got any ideas on a name for these? Whatever…just looking for ways to combine buttons with clay.

having fun with buttons and clay

Steps for making these:

  1. Roll thin slab of porcelain clay
  2. Cut out shapes using cookie cutters
  3. Poke with 2 holes (to sew buttons on) and 1 hole to hang the pendant
  4. Let dry with a board on top (so that they dry flat)
  5. Fire
  6. I painted these in white acrylic paints (or you could glaze them and fire again)
  7. Spray with sealant
  8. Sew your buttons on one side tying at the back and then sew another button on the other side (if you like)
  9. Feed through your string (or in my case thin white wool)

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