Round slab pot

My latest slab pot.  I still have to make a lid before drying it out and glazing etc.


  1. Get a cylinder to to wrap your clay around (I used the lawnmower petrol can from the garage)
  2. Wrap newspaper around the petrol can
  3. Roll out strips of clay and build around the can joining as you go
  4. When you have finished doing the straight sides, take out the can and then remove newspaper
  5. Add remaining coils to the top
  6. Roll out thin slabs of clay and lay the stamp on top
  7. Roll over the stamp on the clay to make the impressions
  8. Use slurry to join the stamped clay pieces to the pot

slab pot

slab pot

stamp for pushing into clay


One thought on “Round slab pot

  1. Love the simplicity of this, I’ve been using a template to make a round pot and altering it, but having something to wrap around it is better. Love the strip with deep texture, lovely pot.

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