Hand-made cake stands out of clay

Well for something different I’m using white clay to make some cake stands.  I just have to buy some ribbon now to weave through the holes on the edging.  I have made 3 in total:

  1. The smallest is 16cms in a light blue glaze
  2. The middle one is 26cms in white
  3. The largest is 31cms in antique white. (it was suppose to be pink, so I don’t know how I messed that up!!!) The top of this stand is a little warped because the board the slab of clay was drying on was not completely flat.  Have to learn the hard way!

Hand-made cake stands from clay

Steps for making these:

  1. Roll out slab of clay
  2. Cut round shape out
  3. Place plastic lace on top of slab and rollover to make a lace impression in the clay
  4. Put aside to dry and firm out while you make the scolloped edging (only to firm up, don’t dry out completely)
  5. Roll a long narrow slab of clay
  6. Use a small round lid to make your scollped edge pattern and cut around
  7. Turn the round slab of clay over with wrong side up
  8. Place the scolloped edge of clay around the edge of the round piece and put a coil behind it to help strengthen the join (and use slurry etc)
  9. Use a tool to make the holes through the scolloped edge of clay
  10. Now cover so that it doesn’t dry out too much as you now need to make the base
  11. Go to your pottery wheel and make a cylinder with a wider base then the top
  12. Put aside to dry and firm up so that you can turn the top and bottom of the cyclinder (and cut through the cylinder completely so that air can get in, otherwise it will blow up into a thousand pieces)
  13. Now put some slurry on round slab and join to the cylinder base
  14. Let dry completely and lightly sand rough edges
  15. 1st firing
  16. Apply glazes
  17. 2nd firing

Small blue cake stand

pattern on top of cake stands


5 thoughts on “Hand-made cake stands out of clay

  1. Love your cake stands! Thanks for the detail instructions. Can you tell the thickness of your slabs? I love to make cake stands too but I fire mine upside down, therefore, I don’t glazed the top plate. Would love to glaze completely but I’m afraid they will distort. I imagine yours don’t because of the thickness of your slabs.


  2. Hi Miranda
    Thanks for stopping by. I would say the thickness of the slabs for the cake stands would be about 1.5 cm. Off now to come and visit your site…can’t wait.


  3. Hi Rowena,
    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I’ve always wanted to make one of these. I was wondering at what temperature did you fire these at to ensure the top plate doesn’t warp?

    Kindest Regards,

    • Hi Michelle
      Thanks for your comment. Sorry for late reply.
      I get my pottery pieces fired at my local ceramics supplier as I don’t have a kiln. Hopefully one day! I ask them what temp they would of used. I think it’s around 1000 but will come back and let you know. That clay had a lot of grog in it so that might help as well.

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