Glaze experiments

This is so much fun.  The anticipation of seeing your pots come out of the kiln is pretty intense isn’t it?…

1st thought…”have the pots exploded, did they survive?”   A huge sigh of relief follows when they survive.  I won’t say what happens when they don’t.

2nd thought…”are they ugly or beautiful?”  I actually like both ‘ugly’ and ‘beautiful’ (most of the time).

3rd thought…”is the result something new?”

4th thought…”what have I learnt from this?”

5th thought…”will I be able to use the pots, or give them away?”

6th thought…”right, what’s the next project?”

Haven’t used these glazes before. This is Mayco, JG 954 Wild Fire, on some thrown pots.  Pretty wild hey?

Thrown pots

The glaze on the yellow pot is Mayco Crystalites S-2729 Citrus Splash.

Thrown pots


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